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2014 BMW M4 DTM

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New Blog: Cool Stuff!



If you’ve been following my Twitter or Facebook you’ll know that I occasionally share some of the interesting creative works I find across the web.

Sometimes I’ll remember these works and want to go back and look at them again, but unfortunately the timelines on social media pages are not the most intuitive in terms of navigation. So, I’ve set up a new blog to give these things a more permanent home.

The blog went live today and it’s called Cool Stuff, you can find it here!

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Ten Champions


Ten Champions is a new set of Pocket Liveries based on the racing helmets of various Formula One World Champions.

Download links as well as additional information can be found here.

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2014 Williams Racing FW36

iPhone 4 | iPhone 5 | Hi-Res

iPhone 4 | iPhone 5 | Hi-Res


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Citroën DS3 WRC

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Volkswagen Polo R WRC

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I tinker a bit with Photoshop, would you be open to designs from others, if they meet the same standards as your works?

Feel free to design whatever you like!

I’ll be keeping this blog to my own designs only, but I do like seeing what others can come up with.

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Chevrolet Corvette C6.R

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The Constructors of Formula One

Hello everyone.

This time last year I started work on an ambitious project to celebrate the history of Formula 1 and the constructors that build the fastest racing cars in the world.

The Constructors of Formula One was a large scale poster and the result of over 2 months of research, planning and community feedback. An extremely limited print run of 25 copies was produced and sold out fairly quickly last year.

Ever since then I’ve gotten quite a few requests for more prints of these, but honestly I think that would be unfair on those that paid for the original copies.

So, here’s the next best thing, a closer look at all the delicious data!

*** Click here to view (warning: large image) ***

I hope you enjoy looking through this, and feel free to spread the link around.

Note: The image is watermarked to help prevent unauthorised copies from being printed.

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Toyota 88C-V

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